Covid 19 Operating Procedures

Posted on April 28, 2020

We hope that you are doing well, and staying safe and healthy during these unusual times. As we hopefully begin to open more businesses in Red River soon and increasing our lodging capacity levels, we are asking our guests to help us serve you better by following the following guidelines:

  • If you have questions, or need anything we prefer that you call us first rather than coming to the office. We will be happy to assist you.

  • We will be encouraging pre-paid check-ins. You may come and check in and grab your keys unless the office is closed. We will then leave your keys in your room and the door will be left unlocked on the day of arrival. We will be explaining this new procedure further when making a reservation and prior to your arrival.

  • Upon Check-out please leave your key in your room.

  • Towel Exchange will still be offered but we will not provide any additional cleaning at this time. If you need extra supplies toilet paper etc., you may call or please leave a note with your towels and we will be happy to provide anything you need.

  • No Early Check-ins. In order to give our staff enough time to complete a thorough cleaning without being rushed we will not be allowing any early check-ins. Please plan to arrive after our check in time 4:00 PM Mountain Time You may call us to see if the room is ready upon arrival to town. (This time may change if needed for the summer).

  • If you or anyone in your group has been recently exposed to the virus or have any illness or symptoms, please do not visit Red River until you have fully recovered.

  • We ask all of our guests to maintain appropriate distancing while on the grounds of our property. When venturing into town please use a mask. Our town will also be providing extra sanitizing stations for your use. Please make sure you are following the appropriate hand washing and hygiene practices as well.

Please note: These guidelines have been agreed upon by all our businesses in Red River in order to keep our community and guests safe as we begin to reopen for business. We are asking that all our guests help us in implementing these changes for the good of our community. Our main goal is to keep our communities and businesses running safely so we can serve our guests, but we will not be allowed to operate if these guidelines are not being followed. Together we can still make Red River and Sitzmark Sports & Lodge a great destination.