Mountain Biking the Carson National Forest

Posted on August 28, 2017

Ski season may be in sight, but don't put your summer gear away just yet. The sweltering heat has started to chill, but the sun is still shining and the mountain air is crisp and fresh. Now is the best time of year to ride or hike in Red River, where you'll find more trails for all ages and abilities than in all of Carson National Forest.

Red River Ski Area
The ski area offers incredible trails, but they are mainly for intermediate to advanced riders. You can purchase a Bike Pass for take the Scenic Summer Chairlift, which allows you to ride up to the top of the mountain with your bike to access the trails. Beginners beware, these trails can be steep and technical.

Enchanted Forest XC Ski and Snowshoe Area
A great place for beginners and groups with kids to go mountain biking is Enchanted Forest where hiking and biking is accessible and requires no fee. There is plenty of terrain for all abilities and difficulty ranges from easy to more challenging.

A Local Favorite Ride
Red River resident, Justin Brandenburg, recommends the ride to Middle Fork Lake. "It's hands down one of my favorite places to ride." Closed to all motorized vehicles, the approximately six-mile ride starts at the end of Hwy. 578. Two miles in there's a waterfall and from there, it's only one mile to the lake. "The trail gets steeper and the switchbacks get shorter. It's hiking, biking, horse only which makes it super fun." The elevation gain of 1,500 ft. takes you to the sparkling lake, which sits at 10,845 ft.

If you've been wanting to give mountain biking a try but don't have equipment, or just have no way to haul your own equipment up here, we've got you covered. Call Sitzmark Sports or stop into the shop when you get to town and we'll set you up with everything you need, including helmets, to get you out on the mountain.